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Monroe SEPTA was started by a small group of parents with an interest in special education. Our organization is for anyone who cares about a child with any kind of individual difference that poses challenges in school and beyond, including any developmental, physical, psychological, or learning disability or challenge.


Our aims are:

- To bring together parents, families, advocates, and educators to share their experiences and perspectives -

- To provide parents with information on navigating the special education system -

- To increase the community's understanding of children’s abilities to reach their full potential - 

- To enrich the lives of children and their families through educational and social opportunities -

Together we can make a difference in every child's life!
Team Talk
Co-Presidents:  Debbie Malewicki & Christine Hagan
Vice Presidents:  Corinne Tartaglia & Kirsten Grady
Treasurers:  Lisa Beth Iwaszkiewicz & Michelle Widdows 
Secretary:  Lisa Keene
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