-To ensure that all children receive an education that allows them to reach their full potential.

-To bring together parents, families and teachers of children with special needs in order to share their experiences.

-To educate parents about special education, including the identification and placement procedures for children with special needs.

-To inform legislators, school boards, and the community about the importance of special education programs.

-To improve the lives of children by providing cultural, social and physical enrichment.

-To advocate for children with special needs and their right to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.

What is SEPTA?

SEPTA is a PTA within a school district. SEPTA brings together people who are interested in special education and children with special needs.

SEPTA supports, strengthens and promotes the welfare of children with special needs.

SEPTA promotes an understanding of special education and strives to enrich the lives of children with special needs.   

Monroe SEPTA  Proudly created with

                                                   Presidents :     Audra Westphal & Patricia Miller                  

                                                   Vice Presidents:    Nancy Sorge & Jennie Kerigan                                                  

                                                   Treasurers:      Raymond Giovanni & Robert Cronin              

                                                   Secretary:        Patricia Hardy